Have You Changed Your Underwear Lately?

My first question is; when was the last time you changed your underwear? The cut, style or color of your underwear that is. On certain date nights you may go for the lacy pair or for guys maybe the silky pair. For a corporate business meeting you may go with control panties or full coverage. On a sunny Sunday afternoon you may decide commando is the best choice.  I ask you this, because as time goes on our preferences change and we make alterations, which is also why you should be daring with your hair.

As a salon owner my livelihood is based upon my lovely clients and friends changing their hair and evolving with the trends. What service am I offering if I don’t keep you up to date with the locks that best suit where you are in your life right now?  I endure continuing education on a monthly basis to make sure that I am always one step ahead of Sally down the street.  Fashion is evolving every season: that’s at least four times a year. We should be changing our hair with the seasons and with the trends.  Four times a year may seem a bit dramatic but you get where I’m going.  Different events such as weddings, job interviews, family reunions and birthdays all deserve something special from your hair guru.

Besides special occasions, there are plenty of events in your life that demand attention and diversity up top. Are you in a rut? Physically ? Mentally? Emotionally? Relationshipally? A new pick up from your stylist will lift you right out of that ditch. A little physical hair touching and a fabulous hair flip later and you’re ready to conquer the world once again.

The second most common reason that I am granted the pleasure of a new client is because their current stylist “does the same thing every time”.  What fun is that?  You go into clothing stores that you like periodically because you what to see what new items they have, right?  How would you feel if they always had the same colors and items time after time?

You’d go to another store, wouldn’t you?

My mother always said you never truly know somebody until you’ve spent all four seasons with them, because, according to her, people change every season.  In the spring your hair should be transitioning into a lighter whisper version of its former self.  In the summer your locks should be ready for the beach and reflecting the sun’s natural rays along with some humidity control texture services.  School is back in the fall, and whether you’re a student or parent, you want a little less maintenance and richer hues.  All the way into winter when you want your tresses to hibernate and rejuvenate for the holidays. As you can see there are always adjustments to be made.

Make me proud and demand your licensed professional to grow and evolve with you in your journey of beauty-full.  If they’re not ready to take the next step in your relationship, I am here for you as a chameleon myself and as an educator of color and cuts.  I’ll see you next season.
About the author

On a bright warm Sunday you might decide to take a nice stroll around the block or to the library and enjoy every step, but the same route on a Monday headed to work feels like a daunting chore. This was my epiphany about my creative career as a master hairstylist and why I now choose to take leisurely strolls through life.

At a young age my horses were my only clientele; braiding, banding, coloring, brushing and pampering their shiny show coats, they didn’t have a complaint in the world. I then knew this was the field for my hands and heart. Growing up in Michigan only had me yearning for more sparkle which is why I ventured out to Vegas alone and ready to conquer its sinful hair. I started my modeling career after my ugly-duckling stage wore off and the fabulous industry unfolded. Never contained to one city, I moved onto the larger more flavorful scaled city of Atlanta. Now here my passion thrives and my skills are growing exponentially, after 10 years in the beauty industry I am the most fulfilled.

My current career statuses are salon studio owner (Meg B White Salon), brand specialist, artistic educator, and platform artist. So many of us go through the motions of walking and forget to stroll, I entered the corporate side of the hair industry so that could stroll in hair and enjoy every strand. My soul is full of fire and ready to set this world aflame. A legacy of great art is in the cards for me and now that I am able to use my clients purely as my canvases I can begin.

Life has begun.