Ben’s Story

I always thought that becoming a male model would be fairly easy. Seeing as I knew some photographers, how hard could it really be? But after 8 months of trying to break into the modeling industry I’ve found out just how wrong I was.

One big reason it has been difficult to get many jobs is simply because I’m a male stepping into a predominately female world. When you are new to the industry, the magazine gigs are harder to come by so a lot of the work you get is to help build up a photographer’s portfolio. I’ve even been turned down for photo shoots because the photographer had either never worked with male models, so is not used to how to pose or shoot us, or the (most often male) photographer doesn’t feel comfortable photographing another man.

Wanting to get some advice and insight on what I should prepare for in this crazy industry, I tried to make friends with other models, both male and female. Unfortunately, that just set me back further with much unneeded drama. The women usually took everything I said as a come-on and the men saw me as a threat and would give me all the wrong advice in hopes of sabotaging me.

People imagine the modeling world as beautiful people standing in front of cameras in pretty clothes with not a care in the world. Not the case. You will be seen as a threat in a cut-throat fast-paced world. As a model that doesn’t have “the perfect look” it has taken a lot of work and perseverance just to get me where I am now.

So, despite the difficulties, I have picked myself up and regained my focus. I have found an amazing photographer who is helping to move down a better path and know to gravitate toward the positive people in the industry. I have had opportunities to be a part of castings and have landed jobs as extras in a few well-known movies. In a few years’ time I plan to be much further along in my career with hopes to be in more movies, TV shows or even on the runway or in a magazine (which I can now cross off my list). I know it is going to continue to be tough getting to where I really want to be, but with my passion and determination, I will get there.